About Us


Kumar Research Chemicals is one of the most trusted and reliable online suppliers of high-grade research chemicals, blends, blotters, branded powders. We have been trading for more than five years. We have now expanded into Europe to provide the best chemicals to European customers. We only supply the finest research chemicals at the purest form for research purposes to academic & educational institutions, research scholars, scientists, medical & forensic laboratories.


Why choose us?

Our customers can browse and order from a broad range of research chemicals, all offered at competitive rates and at least 99.8% in purity. Our customers can take advantage of our multiple, secured payment options and reliable delivery service. Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority. All you have to do is visit our Shop Page now and browse our amazing offers.

We are 100% Discreet. Delivery success rate of our product is 100% worldwide. We have experts in discreet packaging. The content of all our packages are not known, so as it make it pass through customs in almost every country undetected. We offer full refunds for lost packages or we do a reship depending on customer demands.


Quality and Service Excellence

We pride ourselves on providing 100% legitimate and high grade products. Our focus on quality standards & scientific integrity and commitment to delivery excellence has earned us the reputation of being the leading research chemical vendor in the online market. We work hand in hand with independent testing laboratories to confirm the purities of the products listed on our website. All products are regulated by quality inspections. So you can be confident that our products will yield the best results in scientific experiments every time. Where to buy research chemicals Online. Kumar Chemicals